Listen to some of the women who have turned their dreams into powerful realities!


“Wisdoming is wisdom in action – the active sharing of all i have experienced, all I have been taught, and All I have to Share with Other Women.”

Through Wisdoming, you will learn to actively connect with your highest Self, to design and manifest an intentional life. In the workshops, you will learn to free yourself from limiting beliefs, bring greater awareness to your heartfelt desires, invoke the guidance of your inner counselor, and experience yourself newly as the creator of your life.

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Wisdoming workshops are a space of honest, joyful, and passionate creation. Through guided exercises and centering processes, Judi delivers compassionate and intentional guidance for rediscovering your innate ability to create.

Surrounded by like-minded women, each pursuing their own dreams, you will be enriched by the experiences of others, while learning to apply the Wisdoming tools and techniques to your own life.

Confidently step into your power as a Soul-Centered Creator, a woman of worth, and a powerhouse of opportunity. Experience your life with excitement, energy, and possibility.

This workshop provided a transformation in awareness of beliefs and practices…an amazing and vital part of my journey.
— Suzan M.


Working 1:1 with a Wisdoming coach enables you to push past your limits and reach beyond what you currently see is possible. In the workshops, you learn the fundamental tools for living life powerfully; and in 1:1 coaching, each of these tools is discussed through the context of your life, to help you more fully understand the transformative power of Wisdoming in action.

The 1:1 setting allows you to set specific goals and achieve results faster. Even when you feel like giving up or slowing down, your Wisdoming coach will help you move through challenges with grace and ease.



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The workshop has been life changing and the tools are priceless.


Marianne M.

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My life does not look the same as it did 5 weeks ago. Miracles are showing up daily. I have more fulfilment in my life. I am connecting with others and actually tapping into my gifts and talents.

Kiera P.

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I wish all women could take this course!

Lori W.

Bring the subconscious to the conscious. OWN your life.


Chelsea G.

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Insightful to my inner needs! Empowering toward action.


Karli R.

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I now experience myself as capable of creating anything. I am present to precious moments that are happening now. I have been continually surprised at what shows up in my life as I use the tools I’ve learned through Wisdoming.

JAN d.

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I have felt stuck in habitual patterns, loops and stories that have allowed a victimhood that hasn’t served me. I’ve grown so much in the last 6 weeks that I don’t want it to end.




Wisdoming Workshops are held at locations around the Phoenix Valley in Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Scottsdale, and more.